Frost and ice

Upon our arrival just after Christmas at the farm we found it a bit icy and frosty!!!

The ice on the hill past the mill road tested the little VW’s traction control to the max…. And then there were further patches of ice along the road…. But my drain clearing has paid off and the last stretch was fine!!! So we made it to the farm, just…. (I was a little shaky having driven up that hill and over the huge ice patch with the sheer drop onto our neighbours house to one side of the ice!!!)

But wow ice and heavy frosts make a pretty farm!!! Albeit blooming chilly!!!









After a little wonder and a few photos, James and I trooped off down the hill to the salt bin and chucked a bit of salt on the icy hill. It’s very satisfying hearing the cracklings and popping of the ice as the salt started to work!!

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