More building work!!!

it seems to be going very quickly now!!!! Pipes popping out everywhere, holes for pipes, insulation and more woodwork and for our part a bit of a barn clear up and stacking off more wood!!!







More building work!!!!!

Hurrah!!! We went to the holding a couple of weekends ago and things are progressing nicely inside!! The plumber has been back and we have upstairs pipework!!! 

We also have a lovely flue for our lounge log burner!!!

A tank in the utility room and it’s jacket!!! It’s huge!!!!

We have some woodwork to support and further stabilise the upstairs floor started!!

Squee!!!! So exciting!!!

We can now have the final window put in and we will be water tight!!!! Soon time to have the floor tiles delivered and then the Esse!!!!!! Argh!!!!!!!

Something resembling the Battle of the Somme!!!

It started with a disc cutter….

Cutting through the yard concrete….

Then the mini digger came to play!!

Then a few days later we have trenching everywhere….

Pipes connected to the septic tank, electric cables laid, water pipes dug in!!!

Now to await the building control officer to sign the trenching and pipe laying off….

Always feel nervous when he is called to site given how long he stopped us for in October! 

Underfloor heating

The second week of February our lovely plumber Guy came to fit the underfloor heating pipework!!!

Squeeeeeeee the house is moving along!!!!! But we had to wait until half term to see it, as both of us were working and I in fact was on a union rep course for two days and bunking over at my parents’ house!!










All the pretty pipes that waterfall over the steps.
James and his dad fitted some wood and foam for the screeding to happen. So we didn’t lose the screed from the upper levels into the lounge!!!

Fun on the farm!

The weekend before last James’ parents came down for the weekend, and stayed in the lovely B and B my parents enjoy!

We got a wealth of things done and now have a new outside light, electrically powered pointing out to where we park up when we arrive, expertly installed by James’ dad.

James and his dad also fixed the leaky tank in the hovel!! (See previous post)

Whilst this was going on James’ mum and I took a shovel and went off down the lane which had flooded and was a bit of fun to navigate after all the rain… On our wandering we had found the water pouring over the bank rather than down the pipe into the stream…..



Not having wellies I couldn’t get close, James’ mum bravely waded in with the shovel accompanied by the Labrador Bella who was over the moon at having so much water to splash in!! She located the drain and managed to clear the leaves that were clogging it. The vortex in the water once the leaves were cleared was immense!!! Once the water went down a bit, I could get close and cleared the rest of the leaves by hand and we moved onto the drain on the other side of the road….

This one was also invisible and had to be dug for….. This time through rocks and silt from the hillside, which had been washed down… The owners of the top fields have been digging out and clearing the drainage ditches and I think this was just the run off from that. All the loose stuff being washed down due to the heavy rains we had had! So once the second drain was cleared the pipe was once again gushing water in the right place!! Bella was a little disappointed though that her splashing pool had gone!!

Mental note has now been made to find myself some decent fat calf wellington boots!!!

James’ mum and I also found some more interesting bits on our wanderings and we have found that the drain cleared earlier in the year….

takes a good load of the run off from the hill out of the second stream!!!

Bella the Labrador was also pleased to find this water to splash in!!