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A week’s worth of vlogs!!

I promised myself I’d be better at Blogging as well as Vlogging…. but life kinda happens!! Anyway here are the links for the blogs this week

Something new Sunday

Makers Monday

What we do Wednesday

Sustainable Saturday

Also I’ve managed a load of baking this week!! 😁

Building work

Another building update!!!

James and I spent half term at the smallholding with both sets of parents and a variety of buildery types!!! Ladies and gentlemen we have some progress to report!!!!

We have electrification!!!!!!!

We have radiators installed!!!!!!

Heating upstairs!!! Flues and working stoves downstairs!!!!

Exciting times!!!!

Building work

More building work!!!!!

Hurrah!!! We went to the holding a couple of weekends ago and things are progressing nicely inside!! The plumber has been back and we have upstairs pipework!!! 

We also have a lovely flue for our lounge log burner!!!

A tank in the utility room and it’s jacket!!! It’s huge!!!!

We have some woodwork to support and further stabilise the upstairs floor started!!

Squee!!!! So exciting!!!

We can now have the final window put in and we will be water tight!!!! Soon time to have the floor tiles delivered and then the Esse!!!!!! Argh!!!!!!!