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Mini digger hired!! Check!!

So James decided to hire a mini digger this week…. and has been out in it all day every day working hard to create better waterways, raised beds, scrape the barns, flatten play areas…. etc etc!! Busy times!!

Someone else rather liked the digger too!!! And very quickly figured out whilst sat on Daddy’s lap that two levers made it go forwards and backwards!! Therefore lurching it about whilst Daddy was digging!!

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Crafty happenings

Busy times again here as always it seems but now the workshop is nigh on finished and now functional!!!!! 

So I decided to crack on with a few jobs I’ve been planning for a while…..

Firstly, I made something to occupy the small human whilst we are in the work shop and to stop him porcupining all the available holes in workbenches etc with screws!!! 

A work bench!!

Then I decided it would be a good idea our home had a name sign!!! 

So I cleaned up a lovely chunk of hard wood, which incidentally used to be part of the old barn roof itself….

I marked out the lettering with a pencil and a stencil I printed off from the computer and cut out using a craft knife…. Then using my pyrography tool I burnt the name into the wood…. Currently I’m on the second coat of varnish of about seven!!!

So whilst I’m varnishing I’ve started another project for the boys!!! (As will be come March, bump two is a little boy!!) I am turning a dolls house Dad made and I roofed and painted…..

I used in my classroom for a few years as both a teaching resource and as a choice time activity/play resource…..

Now it starts its journey to being a barn for the boys to keep their toy tractors and farm animals in!!

Lots of craftiness, though not of my usual ilk!!!

Building work

Building work!!!!

Last weekend we went up to the farm to see what the builders had started!! We arrived to two builders in the kitchen of the barn chatting about various things and two plumbers finishing installing two solar thermal panels on the roof as the light was beginning to fade!!












The builders had tanked the kitchen utility wall, DPC’d the windows, built up most of the door frames and inspected a few areas telling us about some roofing brackets that were backwards and a wall that is sat on a steel beam which then holds the roof up which is possibly not safe!!! Argh!!! And the plumbers had installed the panels and the wiring down to the utility from them!!!

We also have had our hot water cylinder delivered!

It’s sat in the front part of the hovel!!

And the builders have built a little house for the electric box to be dropped into!!


Exciting times!!!