More building work!!

Here are the latest photos of building work!!! 


We have rooms ready for skimming and more that are so close!!!!!

Now we are waiting on the bank before we can do any more!!! 

More building work!!!

it seems to be going very quickly now!!!! Pipes popping out everywhere, holes for pipes, insulation and more woodwork and for our part a bit of a barn clear up and stacking off more wood!!!







Upgrading the tin hut!

Winter is coming….
And to be honest it’s blooming freezing for the first night we stay at the tin hut as the oil fired burner warms up enough to get the damp off the air!! So to avoid some of the draughts etc we have made a couple of upgrades!!



curtains!!!! Ahhh the warmth is increasing!!!

That along with putting foil insulation behind all the radiators!!!