Our lovely neighbour leant us a new toy last week!!!!

So we spent a few days cutting the overgrown hedge and chipping it into a partial path down the side of the orchard!!

One hedge done loads more to go……

Starting work in the woods

James and I finished off the hedge laying and started a woodland entrance…. 

We seem to start work and more bits appear!!!!

We have a downed ash to chop up and some blackthorns to chop up to make steps…. Oh and reams more of the damn black plastic and more tyres!!!! Oh and it looks like big field and woodlands may have once been seep rated by a fence!!! Now just a bit of wire grown into a tree!!!


What a busy month!!!

I am not sure where February has disappeared to!! It started with yet another meeting with the builders and is finishing in an absolute whirlwind!!! More stuff to say than one blog post can cope with so I shall have to split it into several posts!!!

We went back to the farm the first full weekend in February to meet the builders and talk about the plans for the house etc etc ie what colour soffits and fascias etc to stop the house martins and swallows nesting inside this year again!!! Much as I loved seeing the fat fluffy faces peeking over the nest edges I’ll stick to seeing them outside thanks!!!

James and I then spent the weekend hedge laying as we only have until the first of March oh Sunday to actually do that so that weekend we got most of the hedge between big field and veg patch field laid on the big field side at least!!! It was the most overgrown of blackthorn hedges with birch, oak, ash standards in it!!! But suffice it to say it’s now a lot prettier!! We finished it over half term week and took some of the excess out from the first attempts at laying!! We were a little nervous I think about taking too much out but after some advice from our local farmer who rents the two fields and from James’ Dad we have cracked it I think and are certainly more confident about tackling hedges that are not purely blackthorn!!!



Apologies for the pictures they were taken later in the day and the light was fading fast!!

Hedge restoration

In the big field where we have some resident sheep belonging to our land tenant there are large section of hedgerow which are solely ferns no trees left…. Shelter belt diminished and some areas look like failed laying of the previous trees…..

We managed to get some free hedgerow trees around 30…. Holly, hawthorn, blackthorn, dog rose, dog wood and hazels and James and I got planting….

We created channels in the ferns for added baby trees protection… From our wooly friends etc…



Then we planted the trees at regular intervals and added protective measures!!


All the while watched by our sheepy friends from a safe distance across the field!!