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A few little videos

I’ve added a few new videos to the YouTube Channel!!!

Some tours of the animals and I’m planning a weekly ish….. vlog about the happenings on the smallholding!!

Here is Episode one!!

Building work, The tin hut, Wanderings, Working the land

The barn circa 1960!!

So this was our old barn in an old aerial photo!!!!

The big Agri barns aren’t there, neither is the tin hut but there are lots of smaller barns and the land behind the barns is so much flatter looking, without the slurry pit and the spoil heaps which have sculpted themselves into our garden and yard areas!!!

And notice the extra porch part on the barn, an old engine house apparently for milking…. and the roof!!! It goes to the ground at the back!!!

Apparently not long after this shot the old farm house was levelled and rebuilt and the family who did that work lived in the hayloft of our barn for the duration of the work!!!


Clearing up the barn!!

Well we had some wet days recently at the smallholding and we decided it would be a good time to move the woodpile which had started to sprout thanks to the willow and the fact that the barn leaks where we chose to put the pile at first!!!





The moved wood pile looks so much better now and there is airflow round it thanks to the pallets we discovered on our excavations!! We also found a desiccated rat under a large piece of wool carpet which was all wrapped up!! That is in good nick but having been stored in an asbestos barn for who knows how long it will do for weed suppressant!!



We found a chimney sweeping brush and more of the old barn innards one of which we reckon is the dated lintel which sets us an original build date!! What do you all think the date says?? We are a little undecided as the last number isn’t that clear!!





Piles of rubbish and newly designated areas for things!!







But we now know what we have hidden away and everything is sooooo much more accessible!!!!