The tin hut

Oil delivery

We have been using the oil left by the previous owner for the burner in the tin hut for heating, and hot water by using the stove top kettles… But given the cold and the fact we have been lighting the stove most weekends….. We decided it was probably time to order some oil!!!

James rang several local companies and discussed prices and sizes of wagon (because of the corners on the lane we need a dinky tanker) we also needed a fairly quick delivery so it could happen whist we were there as we were new customers to all these companies they insisted on us being about…..

Luckily New Year’s Eve morning a dinky tanker arrived….


The driver told us our tank size is 1300litres for thereabouts, he a
So said we still had about 200 litres left before adding our new supply!!! So we realised that we actually hadn’t burned through that much and that we could afford to turn up the burner a bit and make the tin hut a bit warmer!!! Hurrah!! ( well as warm as it can get with windows that are plastic and lacking in complete closing!!)

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