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Wonderwool 2018

So Saturday last Mum and I took the tribe of smalls to Wonderwool at Builth Wells!!

I love this yarn show and have attended every year for the last ten plus!! Apart from the year William was born as him arriving and Wonderwool were just that wee bit too close in dates!! (He would have been a week old!!)

So here are a few photos I managed between yarn fondling and toddler wrangling!!

Best way to travel in the sling right next to the mobile buffet!! Look a snap snap!!! The toddler was very impressed with the crocheted croc!!!

The wonderful wall of poppies I commemorate the end of World War One 100 years ago this year!

Truly beautiful

And then something else beautiful some started smiling!!!!

More about my multiple purchases in another post!

2 thoughts on “Wonderwool 2018”

  1. Oh goodness, that smile! Isn’t it the most joyous moment? (I’m that one who needs guards watching me around Do Not Touch signs – especially near lovely squishy things like that croc. It’s so very tempting!) What a nice outing with mum and boys.

    1. It was a fab day! And yes I really wanted to poke the croc!! 😂 especially his gold tooth!! And the smile is stunning!! Giving lots of smiles out now!!

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