Return to the farm!

We managed to get back down to the barn on the Saturday of the May bank holiday, in the afternoon after I had finished at Roath craft market.

We took a short wander to check on the status of the barns. Both are now free of cows, but have yet to be cleaned out!! And then we wandered to the yard. The yard is mostly empty and hard based, bar the ever expanding pile of cow poo in the one end……

At this point both dogs decided they could run over the slurry pile that is in the yard awaiting spreading over the field!! The crust looked solid…….

It soooooooo was not!!! It collapsed under them, sending them butt deep in cow poo!! Ugh!!!! Silly dogs!!!

We ended up dunking them both in a water trough to clean them.

Polly stuck her feet out at every possible angle and then tried swimming in the trough.

Sookie the daft nut sunk like a small stone!!

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