Outside the trenching has been finished and some of it back filled!!!!!

Which means we now have electric and water connected to the main house!!! 

Look look actual electric cable and water pipe inside!!!!! 

We also peleled off all the stickers from the windows that have been pointed in!!!! Look at the prettiness!!!

The soffits and fascias are done!!!

And the barn now as a whole!!! Barring the last window to go in obviously!!

it’s really starting to look like a home!!!!! 

Soffits and fascias

A peek at our soffits and fascias being installed!!! No swallows and house martins nesting indoors this year!!!!

Yes the strip of dark grey is the starts of soffits…. More to come later but no birdie hotels for us this year and one step closer to being a sealed house!!!!! Hurrah!!!!!!