Building work, Working the land

Quotes and more clearance!!!!

Wednesday, we met the architect who will hopefully be signing off our property at the end!!! Very interesting man to meet and we found out a little more, for example a better idea about how long the building has been awaiting finishing!! As well as some general goss about the previous owners!!! Oo the intrigue!!! Lol!!

Anyway Wednesday I spent the day clearing the slurry pit and the big piece of grass by the tin hut using the strimmer!


A quick after on the slurry pit… And a before on the grassy knoll after James had attacked the nettle beds with the hedge trimmers!! James attacked the banks and the bramble patches behind the slurry pit which I left the previous visits, because the strimmer wouldn’t go through them, with the hedge trimmers!! Scything through large brambles like butter, albeit butter straight from the fridge!!!



This prepared the land for some of our visitors which will be in posts later in the week!!

Thursday morning James’ parents arrived with our “new fitted kitchen” for the tin hut!! In the form of some plastic shelving!!! Hurrah!!! Storage spaces for all our clutter we seem to be collecting at the tin hut!!

Thursday was mainly a day filled with quotes quotes and more quotes!!! We had a window quote, an electrician, a plumber, and an Anglian window quote, where the apprentice was sent out first to start measuring followed by the branch manager!!! The apprentice turned up and despite me standing on the drive drove over to next door and knocked their door!!!! Before being sent across the road to a waiting me!!! Most amusing!! I could resist a quip about the fact that they have windows and we currently have a deficit in that region!!! Especially considering our barn would have been the first thing he saw coming up the lane, not the neighbours house!!!


In between the quotes we managed a small amount of clearances!!! But more about that in another post!!

Building work, Working the land

Day 4 and 5 in the Little Tin Hut!

The next two days I was alone at the smallholding with just Sookie for company. Sookie used this as an excuse to wedge herself into my armpit every time I sat down or to go absolutely bat shit crazy every time anyone approached the farm or if there was a noise!!!

We came to terms with our empty calf less barn!!


Though I had to stop Sookie on a couple of occasions from trying to get in there and stop her from eating cow poo!!

We had three window companies out for quotes, a plumbing/electrician firm and I met the guy who is tackling the knotweed down in the woodland off the road!! I also rang a few other companies for quotes on damp proofing, bore holes, septic tanks etc etc etc!!!

Busy times

I also tried to contact the Rural Payments Wales people to register etc etc so we can start trying to get into the Glastir Programme and start off getting some payments in to help us manage the land…. But I realised quickly into the call that I had left the holding number back with the other paperwork at home!!! Doh!!!! So that’s a job for another day, probably May half term!!!

The only significant amusement during my time alone, other than quotes, was the arrival of new bedding for the remaining barn load of calves!! Our tenant fired up his bob cat in the barn and the whole tin hut shook wildly!!! I was just it ting down for dinner and managed to hurl a tomato in my surprise across the tin hut!!! Te he!!!

I did also manage to get out amidst the drizzle and continue clearing along the back slurry pit banking. I cut the Rowan branches that over hung the pit and hacked back about three metres of brambles using gloves secateurs
and a pitch fork!! And I have started a new bonfire pile!! When James and he parentals left, I was under strict instructions not to relight the fire or go into the woodland alone.



I also managed to start clearing some brambles by the stream pipe in the rough pasture!! So a productive few days even though I was alone with the pup!!