Another weekend at the farm!

Last weekend we went to the farm with my Mum and Dad, so naturally we got a few jobs done!!

Mum and I did some extreme sloe picking, meaning the hedgerow needed cutting back from the gate a smidge and we could reach some of the really good sloes so…. Stihl motor plus extendy chain saw attachment…. And I cut them good branches down!!! Whilst Mum picked them clean!!!





Meanwhile back in the barn where our tank for the borehole is Dad and apprentice James were building “the coffin”



This is a wooden box which will eventually be stuffed with fleeces/wool to insulate the water tank!!! And it also doubles as a work bench!!

Dad and James built it using a load of the wood left from taking down the housing from my Granny’s swimming pool!!

Mum and I were then trusted to take out Ally the gator into the fields for a drive round the hedgerows…. Where we picked blackberries, rose hips and also found we have honeysuckle in the hedgerows!! So pretty!! We also had a sneaky game of slalom racing round the haylage bales!!! Te he!!!


The day after the DPC was completed Heddwyn from well drilling came up with his drill rig and they began to drill the borehole!!!!!!



























They drilled through the concrete driveway, then six foot of earth, then they hit rock……. The dust!!!!!!! It was immense and everyone around must have been cursing us for the dust!!!!! At forty five feet they hit water….. Apparently not enough to feed a chicken, but certainly enough to suppress the dust!!!

At the end of day one they had gotten to 100 feet in depth so 94ft of rock!!!!!