Scrumptious Saturdays – Apple Jelly or Chilli Jelly

As the apples are harvested it can sometimes be very daunting as to how many there are around here! It increases each year as we have around 50 trees (albeit a mix of plums, pears and apples) that we planted in November 2014!

We stew some apple for pies and crumbles, we juice loads for apple juice (which we water bath can for longevity) and cider…. and then there is jellies and sauces!!

You will need:

  • apples
  • jam sugar


  • If you would like to make apple puree sauce as well as jelly then core, peel and chop your apples, otherwise rough chop your apples
  • Put them in a large pan with water and boil until it has all turned to mush
  • Pass the mixture through a jelly bag, i.e. load it up and leave it to drip, do NOT squeeze the jelly bag or the liquid will not be clear.
  • Wash out the pan and return the dripped through apple mixture to pan. Using approximately one pound of sugar per pint of liquid add your sugar.
  • Bring the mixture gradually to the boil stirring until the sugar has dissolved and then stirring occasionally until the mixture reaches jam temperature.
  • Pour your apple liquid into hot sterilised jars and seal.
  • If you would like to make chilli jelly dice your chillies and add them to your hot sterilised jars just before you pour in the liquid.
  • If you would like to make puree sauce, push the contents of the jelly bag through a sieve, add a little sugar to your taste, reheat and jar in hot sterilised jars.

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The National Botanical Gardens’ apple and pear event

On the 19th of October we travelled down to the botanical gardens with James’ parents to see the Apple and pear event being held there. We were fortunate with the weather and got a bit a of look around the gardens too!
















The menfolk became distracted by a tractor exhibition….





The event itself though turned out to be a couple of stall selling appley products, honey etc…. And a LOAD of tables with every imaginable apple laid out….. Mmmmmm….. No photography allowed inside either!! Grrrr….. However there was one little stall located close to the entrance to the marquee. Dolau-Hirion fruit trees. The gentleman on the stall was a font of apple tree knowledge and listened carefully to our landscape description and advised us on types, root stock and types suitable for hill growing in west Wales. He is based at Llandeilo so we shall most definitely be paying him a visit!!