Thursday Thoughts – Willow

For the past week or so I have been slowly working away and harvesting willow.

I have been using it around the holding to make all sorts of things. Firstly Fedges…. Willow fences basically. These are living fences, provide cover for birds, food for bees and insects and lattice up beautifully as they age. I will also be using them to continually provide more basketry willow each year.

In addition, in this time of not having much cash for fencing, it provides us with a quick sustainable fencing supply!

So this year I have cut back the willow dome, arch and tunnel and a few of the larger stools and pollards. I have offered to build a dome for the boy’s school. Also I will put in some fedges to allow the infant class to have a natural corral area in their vast expanse of green.

Still there will be tonnes of basketry willow left over….

This is therefore the year I will be learning to make baskets!

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