The Great London Yarn Crawl 2016

Last weekend William, myself, Mum, Jennie from Owl About Yarn, and Zoe from Pinsandneedles went on the GLYC 2016!!!! We took the baby in a variety of slings!!! Go team steek!!!!

  Mum and I caught the train into London!!! Baby bear’s first train ride!

We then tubed to West Hampstead, baby bear’s first tube ride!! 

Before meeting the team in a coffee shop where Jen and Zoe met us too, having bussed in from Cardiff that morning!!

A quick drink and we were off to our first shop!!! The Village Haberdashery!!!

Ahhhhhhh all the pretty fabrics!!!!!

Next stop was Ray Stitch over Islington way! More pretty fabrics!!!!!

Then Loop!

Unfortunately between my rucksack and carrying a baby bear I didn’t snap too many photos!

Jen then took a turn toting the baby bear!! And he promptly nodded off!!

Last stop was Knit with Attitude in Stoke Newington…. 

And Zoe’s turn with baby bear!!

Then over to the Telegraph pub in Moorgate for the after party and a sit down/drink!!!

Baby bear even helped Jen filming!!

By the end of the day we were all pretty exhausted!!! But happy and with lots of new crafty bits!!!


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