Working the land

Burning the Brash piles and mowing the steep steep orchard and fields!!

The first weekend of half term was spent starting to mow the fields and finally getting rid of brash piles that have been the bane of our fire lighting lives all winter!!! We seem to have cracked the fire lighting now though thanks to a lot of newspaper, breaking the piles down a bit and a flame thrower thingummy Bob that means we can light the paper more centrally to the brash heaps!! 


And the mowing …. Wow that was hard work but we mowed the fields in three days!!!! Far shorter than the weeks of weed and bramble hacking we did last year!!! Upkeep is definitely quicker!!!!


And all of our 46 trees have taken!!!!!!!

Whilst digging out all the brash from the weeds James also discovered another skull….. So here is what wooly beasts (sheep) look like on the inside!!


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