Building work

Site meeting!!!

Last Wednesday we had our first site meet on the farm!!! I drove down with the dogs and and big apple cake (recipe over at my Elliefants Delight blog under recipes) and a six o’clock builders, electricians, plumbers all began to arrive!!!

But people……

The best news is……

Work starts proper in about two weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!! Squee!!!!!!!!

Doorways are being built up at the bottom to accommodate underfloor heating and insulation, walls are being moved, DPC is being fitted round windows and trenching for pipes and cables……

Once the door frames are sorted and DPC in then the windows guys can take final measurements for windows and doors and then…… Then…… A five week lead in and we have windows!!!!!!!!!!!

But before the windows….. The plumber reckons the underfloor heating should be laid and screed as the screed will cure better with gapey open holes!!!! Hurrah!!!!! It’s all soooooooo exciting!!!!!!


Say bye bye to gapey hole building and hello building site!!!!

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