Last weekend at the smallholding

James and I took a trip to the smallholding last weekend, mainly because he wanted to chop up the rest of his trees!!! I on the other hand took some work with me!!!

Upon our arrival…… Mid Saturday afternoon….. I unlocked and did a customary wander round and found this in the bucket we have been using as a bin!!!!!



Argh!!!! Three dead mice!!! Three dead mice!!!! Yes continue the rhyme along!!! But thankfully they won’t be running after this farmers wife to be nor will I be chopping off any tails thank you very much!! I actually felt a little sorry for them…. Especially the little one all curled up!! They must have fallen in the bucket and died because they couldn’t get out!!!

Well these three dead mice made their way back into the compost heap from whence they were disturbed over half term and I think I must have used a bottle of bleach on most surfaces!!! Also I now have mouse traps and crunchy peanut butter on my next pre visiting smallholding shopping list!!!

As to how they got in….. Well the back wall of the tin hut is basically a black bin liner!!!! So…… Time for investigations and traps!!! And also mental note not to leave any munchables in the hovel!!

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