Working the land

Once more into the slurry pit

Whilst James and his father were felling and clearing the trees his mother and I spent some time discovering and removing a load of slate from the slurry pit. We think the barn’s old roof was dumped in the pit along with all sorts of other stuff during initial building works!!! Grrrrrr……..



So we began with a great mound of roof slates, covered in grass moss and the most giant weeds!!!!

Then….. On removing the moss and grass we exposed the slate face……



Julia and myself cleared 4 or 5 wheelbarrow loads of slate and then my sister and myself finished the job on the Saturday! Ably assisted by our slave labour (see tomorrow’s post!!)

We shifted the slate into the barn to be able to use it to line trenches when they are dug and to maybe use on paths once it is broken up some more!!


While we were digging through the slate we found a large caterpillar!! I think it’s one that was on Springwatch last week, a wooly bear!!


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