Half term antics on the farm

We managed to get back to the farm on the Tuesday of half term after James finished work and after I had had a day of baking cakes for all our planned visitors and our lovely cat sitter!! So two plum loaves, two Victoria sponges, and one large chocolate cake later we packed up the car with stuff, tools and dogs and hit the road!!

On our arrival we found a new padlock on the tin hut and a note from the neighbours!! Our tin hut had been raided by the police!!! Apparently acting on intelligence!!!! In fact they had wrong address!!! Ha!!!! Some intelligence hey!!!! Anyway our neighbour had kindly secured the hut with a new padlock and was fortunately in when we arrived to hand us the keys!!! Phew!!! And after closing the drawers and righting a few items we were able to unload the car!!!


After unloading we decided to take the dogs for a romp about in the fields and check over the land. We found we have a few Laburnum in the hedgerows that are all in full bloom and looking beautiful even though they are highly poisonous to a lot of animals….. Oh well apparently they also burn well!! So maybe another thing to eventually add to the wood pile in the barn!!

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