Working the land

Slurry pit clearance continues!!

Even during the heat of the weekend before the bank holiday here we managed, albeit a little slower with more breaks for drinks and shade etc, to clear a heap more of stuff from the slurry pit!!

We cleared the logs James made last time we were up…


And now have the startings of our very own log pile in the barn….

We sprayed the bank we cut back and then I went off on a brambles and weed war with the spray…. But more on that in another post!

James cut more trees and branches down…. We hedge cut and strimmered like crazy people….












Unfortunately we have made a discovery this weekend…. The far end of the pit a small area just in front of barn three and slightly walled for separation and lower that the first part of the pit area is somewhat damp…..

Ok that may be understatement of 2014!!! I decided to investigate…. And carefully step in to find myself floating of a crust of weeds and probably poo…. Floating I tell you the weeds etc are floating on about 6 inches to a foot of water….. We think we have the culprit….


This drain which takes the rainwater from half of barn two and half of barn three from the guttering….. We think a pipe pops out in the soggy slurry end and there is no further drainage out….. Eeek!!!!! May have to carve bank holes etc…..

Any who…. I have persuaded Dad to bring what we affectionately call his wrong trousers (the waders) next weekend so I can venture in properly and hack away the brambles that hide the place where I think the pipe appears….. To confirm my suspicions and and hopefully clear some of the weeds in the pit!! Any say for now this end of the pit is to be called the bog of eternal stench, partly for the smell and partly for the noises it emits for some while after being stepped on!!

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