Day 3 in the Little Tin Hut!

Easter Monday was spent doing a few small jobs due to the aching parentals from the exertions of the day before!! Doing things like fixing hinges, which then meant that front door of the tin hut didn’t close properly, which I only realised once everyone had abandoned me and it was dark!!! Thus meaning that I ended up wedging the door closed with a large chunk of wood for my first night alone!!

The biggest things that happened on Monday were…..

1. One barns worth of calf tenants have been moved out!!! Ahhh the quiet!!!!!


2. Mum and Dad went home…… And drove James home too, with Polly dog! leaving Sookie and I at the little tin hut by ourselves!!!!

All bets were on that I’d be sleeping, come the morning, locked in the car with the puppy!!!

Ha!!!! I didn’t!!! I managed two whole nights on my own in the little tin hut and because of the manual clearing work and the quote getting process I was shattered each night and could have probably slept on a chicken’s lip!!!

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