Our first night!!

Now I was warned about the darkness given the lack of street lighting and I have experienced the darkness of no street lights before, but the first time after dark that I opened the hovel door was an experience!!!! Total blinding darkness!!! Even after the dim lighting of the energy saving bulbs in the hovel it took a while for the eyes to adjust especially when it came to see where Polly had sauntered off to!! We ended up tying Miss Polly to a bit of string to allow her to roam about for a wee!!! As she is now 14 and a half and deaf we nearly lost her in daylight let alone at night and she seemed to have developed an extreme interest in the calves in the barn!!! And probably in eating their poo!! Or just trying to get her head kicked in by them!!

On night 1 shortly after heading for bed, in fact just as I was dozing off in the hovel, which by the way is basically a tin hut with corrugated plastic windows, plastic bags drawing pinned over them for the double glazing effect, a lot of wobbly polystyrene and sheep fleece stuffed in crevices, I realised how much of the outside world I could hear!!

The first thing which made me jump out of my skin, was the neighbours cat who decided to yowl literally just outside the bedroom “window.” Sookie went all kinds of crazy and leapt from the bed woofing, which set off Polly dog who had not heard the yowl, but heard small one go bananas!! After finally starting to calm down from that surprise, my hearing seemed to be on finely tuned, but it heard all sorts of owl calls from all around the tin hut!!

It took a while but I did actually manage to sleep the first night for a while!!

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