Wanderings, Wildlife

Tentative First Steps!

We arrived at the Smallholding/Farm (I shall be using these terms probably fairly interchangeably!) to collect the keys and complete a few bits and pieces with the previous Owner.  We were introduced to the workings of the oil fired Rayburn…


We were also shown how to precariously dip the oil tank to check levels, thankfully there seems to be enough in there for some time, especially given that we won’t be there all the time!

We read the electric meter and that was it…. No water meter as the property is spring fed…. no gas…. Just the electric and then the previous owner was making arrangements to collect some of her larger furnishings she did not want to move twice and that was it…. the farm was ours!!

That weekend we also met our tenants….


Two of our barns are rented out currently to a local farmer who needs the extra space during lambing season in his sheds, so moves his cattle into ours!

We then had a wander about the property with James’ mum and Sookie, his dad stayed behind with Polly for a snooze on the sofa in the Hovel!

And found some tracks…. deer??? or some of our other tenants wandering out of their field…. The other tenants are a few sheep and their lambs in the fields….

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