Furnishings delivery!!

So as well as all the bathrooms being stored upstairs we now have a three piece suite in the bedroom, a sofa bed in the tin but, a chair bed in the tin but, work surfaces for the kitchen and utility in the tin hut and kitchen units in a dry horse box!!!!!



James and the parents worked really hard to fit the balcony over half term….

Unfortunately a pane of glass got smashed, so we needed to wait for another pane to be delivered to complete the balcony!!! But it’s getting there!!

Another building update!!!

James and I spent half term at the smallholding with both sets of parents and a variety of buildery types!!! Ladies and gentlemen we have some progress to report!!!!

We have electrification!!!!!!!

We have radiators installed!!!!!!

Heating upstairs!!! Flues and working stoves downstairs!!!!

Exciting times!!!!