Front steps!!!

Over half term James and his father carefully built a whole set of concrete, brick and paving slab steps!!!!! 

Don’t they look fantabulous!!!!!!!! 

Clever husband and father in law!!!!!!!

The builders are back!!

Yes we finally got the draw down we needed and have managed to get builders back on site!!!!!!!

Upstairs is now plaster boarded and work is starting again downstairs!!!

Excuse the dust ghosts and cue the pictures!!!!


Misty mornings!

Autumn has arrived at the farm and with a flurry of activity, building work, hedging, tree felling and more general sorting out…. But check out this for a misty morn!!! We felt like we were on a tiny island for a few hours!!


September in the woods!

James and I took another walk through the woods to see what we could do over the winter…. The dog came off the worst full of seeds and sticky buds!!


Catching up….

Phew its been a busy time….

We’ve spent time at the farm sorting and building etc…..

I have started back at school…. So all the usual busy stuff there!!!

I have completed and passed my Level 3 Forest School Leaders Course…..

And then there is the most important news…..

In April next year our little smallholding will have three people on it not two!!!

So place your bets people what will come first a finished house or a finished baby!!!!!???!!

Next scan is on Friday!!!