Bye bye giant drain hole!!!

James and his father spent a few days last week sorting out the giant cavernous drain hole in our yard, which we have had a black pallet over to prevent someone falling in for over a year now!!

Brickwork, cementing, bolts, a heavy duty grate which we had already in the hole, but was way too small for the opening….. oh yes and James and Geoff had two little “helpers” in the form of our niece and nephew saying “Uncle James can we ride in the tractor!?” (meaning the Gator, but they would not believe it wasnt a tractor)

Hurrah a safe drain, that was then tested later in the week by a few rain deluges!!! and its FAB!!!!!

We don’t need a Ramped access!!!!!!

Hurrah, Building control said we dont need to make a huge unsightly front door ramped access we can have an access via the barn!!!!  Building control also said he needs the commissionings for the heating, electrics and plumbing, he needs to see stairs with all the guard rails in and steps front and side appropriately guarded oh and all the building work finished off, e.g. all the boarding and skimming done!!  But yay no ramp no ramp no ramp!!!!

So last week James, His Parents and myself went down to B and Q in Carmarthen and got a set of steps for the patio doors!!!!

James and his Dad then proceeded to build the steps and some handrails for them!!!

They are Fabulous!!!!!!! And its so nice not to have a huge drop from the patio doors any more!!  Thank You Julia and Geoff!!!!

James and I have painted them, but unfortunately before it dried we had a sudden deluge of rain and its a bit mottled…. so we will have to take another photo once we have given them another coat!!

So Much to Say!!!

Blimey two months have gone by without a post…..

Whilst there has been no building work done at the farm inside…. because we are awaiting a response from the bank STILL!!!!  I have been down there most of the summer holidays and sooooo much has been done!!!

Firstly there was James’ surprise.  His Mum and Dad came down to the farm to keep me company whilst I was there during the week on my own, waiting to meet a couple of tilers for quotes and to meet the building control officer to talk about access and what constitutes finished for him!

We went to the local Builder’s Merchant and bought some paint and then James’s wonderful Mum and Dad painted the gable ends of the house which we had had rendered!!!!

Doesn’t it look amazing now its painted and the stickers are off the patio windows!!

Thank you Julia and Geoff!!!!!