Let’s play find a field!!!!

We started with……


After a day with hedge cutters, chain saw and the beast……










 Ahhh hello field!!! Bit more work to do removing compost, a dead sofa, cutting back the brambles more, maybe installing a composting loo…… 

More building work!!

Here are the latest photos of building work!!! 


We have rooms ready for skimming and more that are so close!!!!!

Now we are waiting on the bank before we can do any more!!! 

Bracken wars!!!

Creeping into the fields we have a wealth of bracken.  As this is going to eventually impinge on the productivity of the land for haylage etc James and I waited until our tenant farmer had mown the field for his haylage 

   and out I went with the beast!!!!


Joyfully at the furthest point of the field…. The furthest point of our land other than the woods…. The beast decided to stop working….. Thank goodness for the extra battery on the gator which jump started us!!!!