Soffits and fascias

A peek at our soffits and fascias being installed!!! No swallows and house martins nesting indoors this year!!!!

Yes the strip of dark grey is the starts of soffits…. More to come later but no birdie hotels for us this year and one step closer to being a sealed house!!!!! Hurrah!!!!!!

Tree planting!

Finally not a post about us destroying stuff, hacking something back or levelling something!!! Something productive…. Or it will be when they grow!!!

46 fruit trees planted staked and thanks to the rain watered in!!!! Planted in the lea of the hill to shelter them a little and up enough out of the frost pocket I hope!!!

So apples, plums, damsons, pears of all sorts of types!!! Mmmmmmm can’t wait to see them in leaf and blossom!!!