Using the winch!!

James has fitted a winch to the front of Ally the gator with the help of a fabulous neighbour!! He decided to use it for hauling in some of the logs cut at the bottom of the hill by pipe stream and along the woodland edge of the field!!

Here is gator, winch and trailer system on its maiden voyage!!!



Slow but far less back breaking than barrowing or carrying a trailers worth of logs up the steep hill!!!!

More bramble destruction to start the new year

I have been hedge cuttering my way round the brambles in new orchard field and have now completed the first chop of the brambles in what will be our orchard….. And it’s HUGE!!!! We decided I must have cut about ten time a the size of our home garden in bramble patch!!!










A bit of during



And…… Drum roll please….. After!!!









Giant field!!! With orchard, willow and hazel growing opportunities in its future!!!! Hurrah!!!!

Oil delivery

We have been using the oil left by the previous owner for the burner in the tin hut for heating, and hot water by using the stove top kettles… But given the cold and the fact we have been lighting the stove most weekends….. We decided it was probably time to order some oil!!!

James rang several local companies and discussed prices and sizes of wagon (because of the corners on the lane we need a dinky tanker) we also needed a fairly quick delivery so it could happen whist we were there as we were new customers to all these companies they insisted on us being about…..

Luckily New Year’s Eve morning a dinky tanker arrived….


The driver told us our tank size is 1300litres for thereabouts, he a
So said we still had about 200 litres left before adding our new supply!!! So we realised that we actually hadn’t burned through that much and that we could afford to turn up the burner a bit and make the tin hut a bit warmer!!! Hurrah!! ( well as warm as it can get with windows that are plastic and lacking in complete closing!!)

Frost and ice

Upon our arrival just after Christmas at the farm we found it a bit icy and frosty!!!

The ice on the hill past the mill road tested the little VW’s traction control to the max…. And then there were further patches of ice along the road…. But my drain clearing has paid off and the last stretch was fine!!! So we made it to the farm, just…. (I was a little shaky having driven up that hill and over the huge ice patch with the sheer drop onto our neighbours house to one side of the ice!!!)

But wow ice and heavy frosts make a pretty farm!!! Albeit blooming chilly!!!









After a little wonder and a few photos, James and I trooped off down the hill to the salt bin and chucked a bit of salt on the icy hill. It’s very satisfying hearing the cracklings and popping of the ice as the salt started to work!!

Escaping sheep….

The second sheep related mayhem…..

I was stood surveying the brambles left to hack up and something caught my eye from the corner near where we buried Polly…

A white fluffy something, standing staring back at me chewing happily away on a mouthful of contraband grass!!!

Damn sheep have made it the through the gap in the hedge that the brambles once covered……

Over we went with Sookie, who on sighting the sheep at closer proximity than she expected shot back to us and behind our legs, sheep clambered back through the gap and James and I spent the next twenty minutes using some of our cut branches in the field to weave across the gap! making a mental note to add some hazel saplings into this hedgerow with tree guards to give us something in the future to lay properly and reinstate a more solid hedgerow!!


Stuck sheep

Our field tenants, the sheep…. Mmmmm they have decided they can start to cause mayhem on the weekends we are there…..

First incident…..



Stuck in the brambles, so armed with gloves and secateurs James I trooped across the field to rescue it! as it seemed to have been in the brambles for a while given the amount of mud kicked up…. As we got closer the sheep started to panic somewhat and when we were within a few feet managed to pull itself free from the brambles!!


Just before Christmas at the farm we had a big surprise at eight am!!!! The window fitters came to start fitting windows!!!!!!!!











So that’s two whole kitchen windows fitted, french doors lifted upstairs, other windows delivered and ready to be fitted when they return on the 5th January!!!! Eeeeeeee!!!!!! Sooooo exciting!!! Just need the builder back on board now so the downstairs French doors and the front door can be fitted better than if they are put in before all the gaps are filled up/built up!!