Further upgrades!

James’ parents joined us at the farm a few weeks past and we have a few more upgrades to the tin hut and house!!!

An outdoor security light, fabulous when we arrive soooo late on a Friday night after work!!

A tin hut that resembles Fort Knox!!!

And an improvement of the post system!!! Which was previously an upturned bucket…..


And is now this superb outfit!!!


Building control!!

Ha ha!!!! After the building control officers visit back in October, building work stopped….

Now we are in possession of a structural engineers report that states we don’t need to remove rebuild or generally fart arse about too much, no steel is required and we only need a couple of truss clips and bolts!!!! Hurrah!!!!! Best £420 spent thus far!!

Think on receipt of that report I did a little “up yours building control” dance, even though I understand his caution is for our safety!!

As well as this we are in possession of architects plans for the the stairs!!!! Building works can recommence!!!!! Hurrah!!!!! And it was far cheaper than we had dared hope!! Site visit and plans £120!!!!!

Onwards builders onwards!!!!!